Jed Talks Trilogy

Jed Talks #1: Essays, Teachings, Rants & Frivolous Frivolity

Includes Starship Gita: The Song of the Borg, a play in 6 acts.


  • Toe Jam
  • Satsang with Jed
  • Gita I: The Bridge
  • Insane Little Monkeys
  • The Liberating Angel
  • Gita II: Ten Forward
  • What Is Enlightenment?
  • The Champions of Delusion
  • Gita III: The Holodeck
  • Yolanda Periwinkle
  • The Spiritual Anarchist
  • Gita IV: The Borg
  • The Second Coming
  • Goldilocks Universe
  • Gita V: The Song of the Borg
  • The Magic Part
  • The Cross of the Moment
  • Gita VI: Enlightenment
  • The Caneless Cane

Jed Talks #2: Away from the Things of Man

Includes Deception: Your Mind is the Scene of the Crime, a play in 5 acts.


  • The Power of Devotion
  • Genuine Learning
  • Deception I: Opium Den
  • Marichelle 4: Maps of Ideas
  • A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse
  • Unlearn Everything
  • Deception II: Loading Program
  • Diamond Bullets
  • The Old Pond Road
  • Marichelle 5: The I-Part
  • The Tyranny of Delusion
  • The Allopathic Mechanic
  • Deception III: Dream Factory
  • A Life of Constant Duplicity
  • Is Pubasyl Right for You?
  • In the Land of the Slow-Cooked Frog
  • Deception IV: The Help Wizard
  • Marichelle 6: Go Hack Yourself
  • Take me to the volcano!
  • A Long Time on a Crooked Road
  • Deception V: Asshole, Kansas
  • Away from the Things of Man

Jed Talks #3: The Tao of the Large-Breasted Goddess with the Shapely Behind

Includes The Tao of the Large-Breasted Goddess with the Shapely Behind, a play in 6 acts.


  • I Am an Apple Tree
  • Over the Moon
  • Goddess I: The Tao That Can Be Told
  • I Call It Consciousness
  • Marichelle 7: A Pretty Big Problem
  • Goddess II: Darkness Within Darkness
  • Spiritual DNA
  • Adult Utopia
  • Goddess III: Soft & Yielding
  • Marichelle 8: Trouble Is Fine
  • The Folly of Human Conceits
  • The Tao of Self-Annihilation
  • Goddess IV: Yield and Overcome
  • Total Perspective Vortex
  • Medifuckintation
  • Goddess V: The Eternal Tao
  • Marichelle 9: Broken Compass
  • Belated Rebirth Matrices
  • Goddess VI: The Mother of All Things
  • The Tao of Pain
  • Mystery Prize

Three plays included in Jed Talks 1, 2 & 3 respectively.