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Save Time & Money with Instant Downloads

Wonderful! I purchased Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing. I think I’ve listened to over 100 audiobooks and your production was perfect. I just wanted to tell you that if I had the resources I’d pay you to read the dictionary. I think you [Eric Vincent, Vincent Media Group] have the best voice in the business. Listening to the audio books feels like Jed is reaching out; shaking me, and saying YOU CAN WAKE UP. It’s a constant reminder that there is work to be done and the work must begin as soon as you stop the CD. – L.V.

I’ve listened to all four of your books dozens of times… I think the voice talent is outstanding. I’ve listened to hundreds of audiobooks and lectures, and the Enlightenment Series is by far the most engaging and listenable. Peter Coyote’s reading of Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind takes a close second. – J.M.

Just obtained the Spiritual Warfare CD’s and was thrilled to see that the project had fallen back into your [Vincent Media Group’s] lap. It was so good to hear the voice of Jed that only your company can do, plus is consistent with the other CD’s. Just wanted to say thanks for doing such a good job and how excited I am to get in the car to hear what Jed as “done by Vincent Group” has to say next. Keep up the good work! – E.R.

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Note: Unlike print and e-book editions, MP3 audio versions of DamnedestIncorrect and Warfare do not contain Bonus Material. To have the complete audio trilogy you need MP3-4 Jed McKenna’s Notebook as well.
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Jed’s books are available for Kindle, Apple, Nook and from most eBook retailers, but the Deluxe PDF Editions available here are fully formatted for a pleasant reading experience on practically any device. They are searchable and use bookmarks and a hyperlinked Table of Contents for ease of navigation.
A great way to read along with the audio editions.
Deluxe PDF Editions of Damnedest, Incorrect, and Warfare contain Bonus Material, so it is not necessary to buy Notebook to have the complete Trilogy.
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