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Maya (the dog)Welcome to Wisefool Press, publisher of the Enlightenment Trilogy & Dreamstate Trilogy by Jed McKenna.

In the more than fifteen years that we have been publishing Jed’s books, they have achieved the status of underground classics. They have sold well over a million copies in more than sixty-five countries and been translated by publishers in Europe, South America and Asia. And, as a look at some of the feedback on this site will show, they have found a very special place in readers’ hearts.

Yes, Jed’s books are a joy to read. They’re full of charm and humor, memorable characters and delightful dialogues. But they’re also full of something seldom found in “spiritual” books; a stark and unyielding challenge to the reader. In the end, these books are about one thing, moving beyond the ego, and that’s a territory many wish to leave unexplored.

Jed’s books are not all sweetness and light, and they’re not for everyone.

The tagline of Wisefool Press is “The Search Is Over”. We have good reason for saying that. Some readers have called these the last spiritual books anyone will ever need, and there’s good reason for saying that too. Jed McKenna’s books are required reading for anyone who is not afraid to go where honest inquiry leads, and no one who is serious about their spirituality can afford not to read them.

The bottom line is that spirituality has a bottom line, and Jed shows us right where it is.

The Search Is Over




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"I say an eternal thank you for The Trilogy. The books continue to challenge my mind and life.
I ordered my 4th complete set. Nothing compares to this writing." -JH, MN

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